ALL ROOMS Festival

Leider kein Festival in 2020. Ihr erfahrt, wann es weitergeht!

Rückblick 2019

Video: Paloosa Photografie


ALL ROOMS Festival 2019 (23.11.2019 im cassiopeia)

Line-Up: Tanga Elektra, The Fictionplay, BRTHR, Grapell, Thom Artway, Penny Police, Peter Piek, Native, Agata Karczewska


ALL ROOMS Festival 2018 (15.12.2018 im cassiopeia) 

Line-Up: Do I Smell Cupcakes, The Magnettes, Yuri & Neil, I'm Not A Blonde, The Bland, Falk Louis, The Trousers


ALL ROOMS Festival 2017 (13.-14.10.2017 im Badehaus)

Line-Up: The Bland, Sons of Settlers, CILIA, Bei Bedarf, Blut Hirn Schranke, Männi, The One


ALL ROOMS Festival 2016 (6.-7.10.2016 im Privatclub)
Line-Up: The Road Home, Final Stair, The Trousers, Paisley, The One, Ex Hands, Earnest and without you